Keratsuda 2020

Keratsuda 2020

A forgotten, neglected, underrated variety.
A variety tenacious, persevering, revived.
A new beginning for Keratsuda.

Keratsuda (Keratzuda) is a rare local white variety, typical of the region of Melnik, Kresna, Simitli and Sandanski. Little known and often undeservedly overlooked, Keratsuda is actually one of the locals’ favorite white varieties and makes wonderful, smooth white wines with delicate aromas.
In Villa Melnik, we grow Keratsuda in our vineyards near the village of Harsovo, Melnishko and we vinify it in two ways – as a classic pure white wine and as part of the Orange wine blend, which we make using the old technology of fermentation of white grapes in contact with the grape skins.

The colour of Keratsuda, when made according to classic technology for white wines, is pale and lemony. The nose of Keratsuda 2020 is subtle, with intense floral spring aromas of green grass, fresh flowers and ripe citrus fruit – lemon and grapefruit, orange peel. Juicy stone fruit – peach and apricot – is felt in the taste, and the finish is exotic with hints of pineapple and mango. It has a dense, well-balanced body. Our Keratsuda elegantly expresses its terroir. The finish brings a long and distinct aftertaste.

Of course, Keratsuda can also be made using orange wine technology (and is usually done that way when created at home). Our Orange Wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Keratsuda.

Both wines are available in our online store.

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