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There are many great things to do in the Melnik region: there are wonderful attractions for those interested in local cuisine, cultural, natural, village or spa tourism. Around the winery, you can take on a walking, hiking, or biking trail; if you are the outdoorsy type, you can go camping, paragliding, or birdwatching; or, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation at one of the many hotels and spa centers in the region; you can delve deep into history by visiting some of the numerous museums, old churches, and archaeological sites. Whatever you choose to do, rest assured that you will be greeted by friendly locals!
Visit Wine Cellar Villa Melnik and Fall in Love With the Melnik Region




The town of Melnik is present in all world encyclopaedias of wine as Bulgaria’s top wine destination. Enjoy the beautiful Melnik landscapes, taste delicious local foods in charming family-owned tavernas, and stroll through the town’s picturesque streets. Visit the Kordopulov House, the Roman Bridge, the monument to the hero Yane Sandanski, the Melnik Wine Museum, the Melnik History Museum, and the unique churches of St. Anthony and St. Petka. Don’t forget to visit Wine Gallery– the only shop in the area where you can see a complete collection of every single wine producer in the region alongside art from local artists.

Another must is the walk up to the Rozhen Monastery, which will give you splendid views of the Pirin Mountain and the marvellous Melnik Sand Pyramids. Finally, visit the mysterious village of Luybovishte, which means “Love of giant proportions”.

Melnik Wine Routes

The Melnik Wine Routes Map marks the wineries that are open for visitors and the wine projects in the Melnik region, plus the main historical, cultural, natural, and religious sights in the region. The map is a great starting point for planning your journey in the lower Struma River Valley, around the towns of Sandanski, Melnik and Petrich.

The wineries in the Melnik region often organize events and festivities dedicated to the various stages of the viticulture season and the winemaking process, as well as events related to folklore, music, food and wine. Follow the events via Melnik Wine Routes’ official Facebook page:



Many people say that the village of Zlatolist and the area called Rupite are places with special, ancient energy. Two holy women lived in these two places, Reverend Stoina and Baba Vanga.

Both women lost their eyesight at an early age, but it is said they both gained the ability to see the future and to cure illnesses. Join the many pilgrims who visit the monasteries in Zlatolist and Rupite to learn more about their legends and to recharge your batteries with their positive energy.

Spa tourism near Melnik

Sandanski is one of the most renowned centers for SPA and balneotherapy in Bulgaria. The clean air and the hot thermal springs attract many tourists who come here to pamper themselves , to seek relaxation, or to treat various ailments.

Another popular destination, famous with it’s hot springs and mud baths, is the area Rupite and the village of Marikostinovo, whose thermal springs originate from the now-extinct volcano Kozhuh.



Hiking, bike trails, downhill biking, rock climbing, canyoning, rafting on the Struma River, journeys with motorcylces or caravans, birdwatching and hunting in Pirin Mountain, paragliding over Belasitsa Mountain – there is a something for every adventure-seeker near Melnik. Visit the Skoko Waterfall near the Village of Kashina, the wondrous Stob Pyramids, the Pirin National Park, Belasitsa and it’s highest peak Kongur, and Samuil’s Fortress. Ask us about the best trails and paragliding spots in the region.

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