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6X Bergule

86.00 лв. 77.00 лв.

We have prepared a special selection for you wine lovers – discover the six wines of the Bergule series, now at a promotional price!


  1. Bergule Mavrud – Mavrud found its new home in our vineyards near the village of Hersovo, Melnishko! Wine with fruity aromas without contact with oak
  2. Bergule Melnik & Pinot Noir – an elegant blend of Shiroka Melnik Vine and Pinot Noir, aged 9 months in Bulgarian barrels
  3. Bergule Cuvee – a dense, juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot – a new interpretation of the three classic varieties. 9 months aging in barrels
  4. Bergule Viognier & Chardonnay – fresh, aromatic white wine
  5. Bergule Rose – rosé based on Shiroka Melnishka Loza
  6. Young & Crazy – in autumn and winter you get the first wine from the new harvest, and in spring and summer, fresh white wine from the local Keratsuda variety.

* The picture is about to be updated – we have a new vision of the wines from the Bergule series!

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