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EVERGREEN Wine Package

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With the arrival of the Easter holidays, we eat more and more delicious and varied foods and gather with our beloved relatives and friends. How to accommodate everyone’s tastes and preferences? We offer this curated selection of proven evergreens that will delight both white and red wine lovers!

Diversity is expressed in the presence of local and international varieties; of fresh and aged wines; there are wines suitable for aperitifs and salads, as well as wines perfect for slow-cooked meat specialities.

The jewel in this package is APLAUZ PREMIUM RESERVE Shiroka Melnik, 2016, which has been awarded 5 stars by KA&TA, catalog 2020.

  1. APLAUZ  Sandanski Misket  – floral, aromatic, fresh and mineral
  2. APLAUZ Chardonnay Sur Lie – a new vintage with a new wonderful vision
  3. APLAUZ Viognier Sur Lie  – with a dense body and aromas of flowers, vanilla, butter
  4. Orange Wine from Sauvignon Blanc and Keratsuda  – The key to this product’s taste and aroma is the contact between the grape skins and the wine!
  5. APLAUZ Premium Reserve Merlot  – this wine is aged for 2 years in a barrel and 2 years a in bottle and is now waiting just for you!
  6. APLAUZ Premium Reserve Shiroka Melnik
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