The Book of Family Business in Bulgaria 2017

The Book of Family Business in Bulgaria 2017

The Book of Family Business in Bulgaria 2017

We, the Zikatanov Family, are honored to be featured in the first edition of The Book of Family Business in Bulgaria 2017. The book is compiled by EY Bulgaria (Ernst & Young) in partnership with FBN Bulgaria – The Family Business Network.

The book tells the stories of the families behind some of Bulgaria’s top family-owned companies. Guided by the power of family values, these firms have created excellent products and impeccable organization of people, resources, and processes. The book aims to share lessons and best practices from these successful family businesses, as family businesses are the backbone to any economy anywhere in the world.

Villa Melnik is a first-class example of a family business. Our company is guided by our desire to develop and grow in a sustainable and long-term way, step by step, and with adamant persistence, perseverance, and progress.  The founders, Lyubka and Nikola Zikatanov, do not measure their success in terms of trimester or annual results, but look way ahead in the future, and plan for success for the next generation and generations beyond.

The idea for Villa Melnik was born in Nikola’s mind from a very early age and is a reflection of his personal and family values and his sense of legacy and honor. To him, Villa Melnik is the continuation of his ancestors’ traditions in vinegrowing and winemaking , and a way to pay respects to the traditions, culture, and nature of the Melnik Region, where he was born. He put incredible amounts of effort, hard work, discipline, responsibility, and integrity towards himself, his team, and his partners. As with any business, there are many challenges that lead to many lessons learned. What is important is to never stray from the family guiding principles and to never jeopardize the reputation of the company and the family that proudly stands behind it. The emotions, which the Zikatanovs feel when they work together as one, combined with Lyubka and Nikola’s ambition to pass on the winery to Militza and Alexa, make this business different from all others and charge our wine with unique power.

Download a digital copy of the entire book (in Bulgarian) here: 

Family Business Book_ EY_ Ernst & Young Книга на семейния бизнес_digital


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