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Bulgaria’s finest Red: AplauZ Mavrud by Bennett’s Bottle, CITYA.M.

We are thrilled to be featured on CityA.M (London) Bennett’s Bottle. Read the article where Neil Bennett names Villa Melnik AplauZ Mavrud Reserve 2013 “The finest red you can get from Bulgaria”. Villa Melnik Wines are currently available in the UK via www.theoldcellar.com AplauZ Mavrud Reserve is 100% Mavrud from Villa Melnik’s own vineyards near Vinogradi, Melnik Region. The wine is aged 18 months in new Bulgarian oak barrels. In the Melnik Region, Villa Melnik is the only producer of Mavrud, a grape typical of the Assenovgrad and Plovdiv Region.   [caption id="attachment_20183" align="alignright" width="300"] Villa Melnik Bergule Mavrud by Andrey Andreev Photography[/caption] We also...

Villa Melnik доброволци гроздобер
Join Harvest at Villa Melnik Winery

You want to join the harvest season at a Bulgarian winery? You want to get a taste of what it's like to pick the ripe grapes that go into making your favorite wine? You want to immerse yourself in the authentic Melnik winemaking and vinegrowing experience by participating in the most important stage of wine production together with your friends and family? Or you want to go grape picking as part of your corporate teambuilding event in the Struma River Valley? At Villa Melnik Winery,  we are happy to receive all harvest volunteers and grape picking enthusiasts! The harvest season for us...