08 Mar Villa Melnik Orange Wine Ranked TOP 20 Bulgarian wine

Villa Melnik Orange Wine 2016 was ranked one of Bulgaria’s TOP 20 wines for 2016 according to the prestigious specialized wine and gourmet magazine DiVino. See the ranking here

Villa Melnik Orange Wine 2016 from Sauvignon Blanc ranks in Top 20 Bulgarian Wines according to DiVino

ORANGE WINE is a white wine, made by the technology for red wines. We used 100% Sauvignon Banc, grown with great care in our own vineyards near Harsovo Village, Melnik Region. The wine fermented in contact with the grape skin and stayed on the fine lees for several weeks.


From the skin contact, it receives its golden to pale orange color. The aromas are complex, with hints of musk, green fern, and ripe tropical fruit. The body is round, juicy, and spicy, with a long and memorable finish.


ORANGE WINE is bold and modern, but it also accurately reflects the long-standing winemaking traditions in the Melnik Region.


*In DiVino’s 2015 Top 20 Wines of Bulgaria, Villa Melnik took spot #14 with AplauZ Merlot Reserve 2012!