26 Jul Villa Melnik With Two Medals from Shanghai International Wine Challenge 2018

 We are happy to share with you that two of our wines have been awarded medals from Shanghai International Wine Challenge 2018:

Silver Medal – Aplauz Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2014

Bronze Medal – Bergule Cuvee 2013


We are honoured that the Chinese judges highly praise our wines. We look forward to establishing our presence on the Asian markets in the future (so far, we have only made baby steps). We hope that in the future, our wines from local Melnik varieties will also receive medals.


AplauZ Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon – 100 %

Alcohol: 15 % vol.

Winemaking: The wine is made from carefully selected grapes. Aged 15 months in Bulgarian oak barrels.

Food pairings: beef, lamb, spicy food

Serving tips: 17-18 о С, decant before drinking

Best enjoyed: (2018-2025)



Vintage 2015 – not sent to competitions yet

Vintage 2014: Silver Medal – Shangai International Wine Challenge 2018

GOLD MEDAL – International Wine Contest Bucharest 2017


Vintage 2013: Gold medal at Selection Mondiales des Vins2016, Canada

Vintage 2012: Bronze medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2015, London

Silver medal at International Wine Competition Vinaria 2015, Plovdiv;

Vintage 2011: Gold medal Selection Mondiales des Vins“ 2014, Canada;

Silver medal atBalkans International Wine Competition“ 2013, Sofia







Bergulé Cuvée 

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon50 %, Syrah35 %, Merlot15 %

Alcohol:  14 % vol.

Winemaking: Aged 9 months in Bulgarian oak barrels.

Characteristic: Beautiful, deep ruby color. Striking and complex nose with depth and intensity. Aromas of smoke, roasted meat, spices, baked  black fruit with chocolate and noble earthy tones. Delicious, juicy and fresh flavor. With a medium body, and great balance. The finish is long and memorable.

Food pairings: spicy food, lamb, veal, game (deer, venison)

Serving tips: 17-18о С,

Best enjoyed: (2019-2023)

Awards: Vintage 2015 – not sent to competitions yet


Vintage 2013: SILVER – Balkans International Wine Competition 2017

  BRONZE – Shanghai International Wine Challenge 2018

Vintage 2012:

¢GOLD MEDAL – Concours Mondial du Bruxelles 2017

¢GOLD MEDAL – International Wine Contest Bucharest 2017

¢BEST BUY DiVino 2016