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Bergulé Mavrud & Melnik

16.00 лв.

Vintage: 2020

Variety: Mavrud – 55 %, Shiroka Melnik 45%

Alcohol: 14 % vol.

Winemaking: Aged in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting notes: Deep color, intriguing aroma with black cherry, herbal and ethereal notes.

Food pairings: pizza, pasta, vegetarian dishes, BBQ, grilled veggies

Serving tips: 15 о С


The name “Bergule” comes from the Thracian root “-berg” (also “-burg”), from which are the words for river fortification, river bank, river fortress originate. The name was inspired by the words of our great-grandmother Milica, spoken on the banks of the Melnik River, which runs near our vineyards:
“Nothing is forever in this world. Even a river can dry up or change its bed. Only the banks remain.”
For us, the banks are a symbol of what remains. Therefore, “Bergule”.

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