Bacchus Wine Day

Bacchus Wine Day

In May, Bacchus Magazine and Wine Cellar Villa Melnik organized a special Wineday for the lovers of wine and gourmet culture!

The Zikatanovi family personally welcomed the readers of the magazine and it’s staff. Nikola and Luybka Zikatanovi took the guests for a walk through the vineyards and gave a lesson in vinegrowing. Then they talked about the winemaking traditions of the Melnik region and toured the modern gravity-flow winery. Militza held the wine tasting of wines from local grapes. She opened a very special wine: our Aplauz Melnik 55 2010 – the winery’s first vintage!


The day ended with a delicious picnic on top of the hill with breathtaking 360-degree views. The roasted lamb and the homemade cheese came from the farm of local producer Joseph Vasilev in Kapatovo Village. The gazebo had been built especially for the occasion by the skillful hands of Apostol Petrov and Alexa Zikatanov.

You can read the entire article by Marina Karakonova here:…/2979884_bakhus_vino_den_vila_melnik/

And also see the photos by photographer Iliyan Ruzhin here:


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